Odd Scene issue

Hey all,

I just updated to the new firmware this evening (seriously amazing work from the Elektron team to keep supporting this wonderful machine) and I’ve run into an odd problem. At first I thought the problem was definitely me and my lack of Octa skills currently but now I am not so sure.

I’m not sure exactly how this has occurred but I was copying some scenes and working away on an idea, and I suddenly noticed that when selecting trig 02 using scene A, the Octatrack is instead selecting trig 10. I thought at first I’d just screwed up with the copy paste but I’ve not been able to stop it.
Then I came out of the project and loaded a different one. Same thing. Selecting Trig 02 for scene A selects Trig 10 Instead. Trig 10 highlights Red and the display reads as scene 10 on A’s side. But I’m trying to select Trig 2. I can select it with scene B just fine. but not with scene A.

I’ve even removed my set entirely and created an entire new one. Same thing, on a brand new everything. Did I break something or am I overlooking something really obvious?

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