Off topic talk about Elektron updates

i would say they do

Elektron should update machinedrum&monomachine with conditional trigs & individual pattern lengths. I’m sure it would not be too hard.

Why would they do this when @JustinValer has done all the hard work on MCL for them?

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I think that ship has sailed my friend…though one can dream

And I would agree with you. Too many examples to list being honest with regards to their various bits and pieces over the years.

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What is it three years since AnalogFour new features 1.22 update?

Why not opensource the software to let it live in the future since those boxes are abandonware. :worried:


Since the initial release, they added tons of features.


I don’t understand why users expect thing to become open

Are people expecting Microsoft to release source / libraries for Xbox or win 7,8,9,Xp etc
Nintendo should release n64,SNES , wii , wii u ?
Apple should release ios7 source ?
Sony to release ps3 libraries ?

Or that PS4 should have all functionality of ps1,2,3 because they’re all Sony ?

I get that elektron boxes has similar shaped boxes , but I’m not sure functionality is quite so easy to implement just because another device has it .
Sorry , this is way of topic for bs2 firmware , but I’m not surprised how it’s deviated into the usual arguments about firmware updates for other devices.
I wonder if Roland are working on a 303 update , it’s what , 30 yrs old ?

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We loved Elektron because they not some Microsoft, Nintendo, Apple, Sony who have never been nice to users
So you think Elektron should act like those greedy billionaire business?

In case of Roland they don’t realize anything but there are plenty retrofits, people want to update their 40yr old machines.
So Elektron don’t need to do anything but wouldn’t it be just a nice move. Good legacy for classic boxes.

The PS4 should be backwards compatible imo. That’s the only thing I disagree with you on this. Lol.


What features do you find are missing?

Just a few out of the many reasons I can think of:

-the firmware probably includes proprietary code that they cannot release for contractual reasons (e.g., micro controller libs, third party FX)
-they probably would have to invest into getting the required build infrastructure and documentation into a shape that’s fit to release, maybe proprietary tools are required that are not available to Joe Plumber
-there’s potential to brick machines with users modifying the firmware, causing all kinds of headaches
-firmware contains their IP which they don’t want to disclose for business reasons
-there is nothing whatsoever to be gained for the business they’re running, it would be just overhead

Most probably not among the reasons for them not disclosing the source code



Well I demand microtuning but I would salute any new features, hacks, mods whatever.

Lucky for you


Yeah but now I gotta buy the PS5 to get that functionality when I’ve only had my PS4 for 2-3 years lol. That’s how they get you though. Damn technology always evolving and what not.

I don’t get this criticism. My MD and AR got new free functions (respectively machines and DVCO voices) long time after they were launched. My MD got upgraded with UW when that came out (not free of course). Probably other devices got some too. Elektron owed us nothing in that respect and it shows their commitment to us users that they did. I think it’s unreasonable to demand new functions for devices that aren’t being produced and sold anymore.


Check the A4 update history.

Any bad bugs waiting for a fix or do you want free new functions?

Well, being able to backup your Digitakt projects for one. How long has this unit been out now?