Oh boy | Machinedrum + Mother-32

that’s not my Moog - a friend of mine stopped by last month and basically forced me to borrow it. He used to produce ‘jackin house’ so this silly recording is a bit of a reference to that. For this track I’m using it as a drone generator to feed the Machinedrum inputs. The Mother-32’s VCF output is patched to the A input, and the saw wave output is patched to the B input. The Mother-32’s triangle LFO out is patched to its filter resonance CV input, and the noise output is patched to the LFO rate input. On the Machinedrum I’m using 5 input machines located on tracks 12-16 to process these two signals in a variety of ways. They are all ‘envelope’ input machines. The kick and clap are EFM machines, the rimshot and hi-hat are P-I machines. The vocal samples were recorded directly into the Machinedrum. I used three sixteen step patterns. Audio recorded direct from Machinedrum with minor post-production stereo image adjustment and limiting.


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hahahahaha! :sunglasses:

Sounds fantastic. That’s a tasty Elektron ‘sandwich’ you’ve got on your table.


thanks a lot!! to my ears the M-32 warmth/body/presence really gels nicely with MD processing and sounds

I was setting up to record, it didn’t feel right to be sitting down, and then I realized I had the perfect ‘stands’… :joy::joy::joy:



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Yes! Like it a lot!

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:muscle: Working it! Nice jam :wink:


thanks a lot everyone!! at first I was using the M-32 and MD to do kind of an ambient thing but since I was using Machinedrum it was just natural to try a kick underneath… and… :laughing:


Ha ha! This is soooo familiar! I cannot tell you how many times the Machinedrum has instantly transformed my perfectly reasonable approximations of Berlin School psychedelia into gritty industrial anthems.