Oktatrack MK2, Rytm and Analog Keys. How to sync Clock with ableton

Hi, I just got an Octatrack MK2 and want to Sync it with my setup, I have a RYTM and a Analog Keys connected through USB Clock sync with Overbridge, i just want to add the OT to start and stop with rest of gear and follow the tempo. Can someone please advise ?

Octatrack doesn’t do midi over USB. Just use a 5-pin Through from the RYTM or Keys, and make sure that that machine is set to transmit midi over the plug+USB.

i would put the octa on a seperate Midi output and clock it from ableton seperate from the others. This way you can adjust the latency. Overbridge unfortunatley doesnt sync the midi out in the same way that it synces the machines, so you will get latency issues. also your interface will have a different latency than overbridge. so the only way you could try if you want to use midi out from the elektrons is to also route the octa output through tha analog keys input.

Great !! Thanks, that’s how i set it up, but from RYTM, i will change it to AK and try that way, cause when i mute RYTM trax is also affecting tracks volume on the OT.

Thanks !! That makes sense, I’ll try only Midi without Overbridge also, using octatrack as main.

Just set the midi preferences in the Rytm to only send Pads \ Mutes to ‘int’ (as in internal). I think the default is int+ext.