One shot trig back to sample trig

I’m attempting a DJ set with my OT MK2.

I can’t seem to be able to return to a sample trig (red lit) after making it one shot trig (red yellow flashing).

What I’d like to do in the same pattern, while performing live, is have a loop (slice) going for some time (eg a sample trig), then switch that to a one shot trig so more of the whole track plays but then switch back to the sample trig (red lit) again without changing patterns.

I thought I’d be able to get back to sample trig after one shot trig with [FUNC] + trig and or yes/no but it doesn’t seem to happen. I ended with lock trigs or trigless trig (green) with the whole sample playing out.

Any help appreciated.

Apologies if posted elsewhere - tried looking.

Press it once to arm the one shot, press once more to make it red.

Did you try FILL trig conditions instead ?

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Thanks Sezare. I’m going to adopt a different approach to use longer samples I think as I’m too error prone and once a one shots played I can’t get it to retrigger in the same pattern (which I think is sort of explained in the manual).

You need to arm one shots. Once played, all one shots of a track are disarmed, for all patterns of the project.

You can trigger samples manually, quantized or not.