Online Festivals

In 2020 only some festival had a chance to do a real world edition, some just did online only, but some had to cancle due the Corona pandemic.

During the organization of DAVE festival in my hometown Dresden we had very mixed feelings. Should we do an real world festival if we are able to do with a lot of restrictions? Or should we do online only? Or make a break?

We took our chance right befor the 2nd lockdown in Germany at the end of October. We worked closely with the authorities to fullfill all the necesary restrictions to keep everyone safe and healty. It worked, everyone stayed healty. And we went online with DAVE TV for the first time.

You can watch artists like Albert van Abbe & Byetone or Andrew Pekler performing concerts or take a look behind the scenes in our techne scene in Dresden. We also invited for some interesting talks about how the Corona Pandemic affects the club culture or about Empowerment with Dresden based label Uncanny Valley. (it´s in German only).

[DAVE TV on youtube]

Would be great to talk about pros and cons of festivals going online and how this may affect the future of festivals. Would also be great to share more links and videos of festival’s online editions.


My stage tech company was to produce Left Of The Dial festival in Rotterdam in october. The night before start of build up events were banned again bc of second wave. LOTD still had a couple artists come over and we shot this movie. Not quite a real festival but was the most fun we could make of the situation:


So you set up everything for no guests? How was the feedback of the people?

IMO it’s only a festival if there’s people there in person. How about broadcasting on an FM band, pirate if need be, and get people to take radios to a park (ok when the weather gets better) and antisocial distance when the busies turn up? Internet wouldn’t do - latency on different devices would cause cacophony.

Only 2 stages of the 7 planned (to spread the audience). The venue was already partly equipped too.

Actually i don t know much of public feedback. The movie is rowdy and humoristic so i m assuming it entertained people for its 1 hour duration. So it s not a real alternative for a whole festival.

Then you should check this out!