Online services for resampling through vintage samplers?

Hi all,

I’m looking for a place where I can send some wav-files to get them resampled through “vintage” samplers such as MPC60, MPC3000, S950 and SP1200.
I need to get them as clean as possible (of course with the added bit/sample-reduction), since the results is for a school assignment.

Do you know of any studio that does this professionally?


I believe the YouTuber theDaydreamSound offers this service. Might have more info on his channel.


Let us know what you find out. I’d be most curious on prices, @Tamiko.

Yeah, he’s great, and he might have them all. That might even have been where I first got the idea of this possibility. Thanks!

I will :slight_smile:

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Im getting a Isla Intruments S2400 next month. PM later i will happily oblige.


Nice :slight_smile: Yeah, that might just do it for SP1200 needs :wink:

Not heard of one but an interesting business idea. More of a cool-to-say-you-have than actual money maker I assume. Still a part of a world I’d like to live in.

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I wonder if Samples From Mars would do this for you.

It’s worth an email to them

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I’m trying to imagine how this could be cost effective for one off personal sample libraries. I’m inclined to think the client is either willing to pay good money for samples or the person with the samplers is working for near free. It can be a pain in the rear to get samples into and back out of these old devices with reference conversion. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

It might be interesting to see what kind of shared sample pack we could collectively come up with by farming out processing to some folks here. I’d be happy to participate as a “processor” by running things through my outboard and samplers. Perhaps others would be willing to do the same?

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yea, or Goldbaby

If it’s for a non commercial project why not, little feel good PR action for them.

Contacted them, waiting for a reply :slight_smile:

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Will check that out, thanks.

Just heard from Daydream Sound; unfortunately he says he doesn’t do it anymore.

On another note, loving the entrepreneurial spirit in here :slight_smile:

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That’s a shame. I guess I have a good reason to buy all those samplers now. There’s millions to be made :rofl: