Opera Rotas

Never heard of this before a friend pointed me to it. Looks rad.

Any users care to share their experience?


Cool! That’s gritty as fuk, weird twisted grooves. He does mention the sound in the video isn’t great, it would be way more interesting for me if that sound was weightier! Shame it’s shipping from the EU and I’m in the UK…

Im probably getting one as soon as i can, too bad they aresold out. Does it come DIY maybe? :slight_smile: I buy your if you sell. :slight_smile:

Yeah, they’re DIY

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Got mine now and it´s pretty much in working order, i just need one missing trig buttonm knobs and fix up a case by 3d-printing it.

It sounds GREAT, very unique. Hard to describe but it truly out there. Since it´s FM based you can get very melodic rhythms with it, or very nasty, or inbetween. I will use mine as a spice to layer odd rhythms on top och the main ones, i think it will sound excellent, :slight_smile:

As far as I remember he’s selling an alternative firmware chip that turns it into a polysynth.

Hey, i´ve got mine working more or less, everything seems legit and it sounds cool, but i cant get the midi to wotk?! I think i am suposed to press the shift and auto (btn 16 + 10) and then “midi” should show up in the window"… but that dont happen. Nothing brings out anything midi.

Edit: SOLVED: All i needed was a cable of correct type (B). :slight_smile:

Is there a case shape file for printing?

Yeah, there is… at least for a flat simple one with some kind of distance-units between it and the bottom. See if i can find it…
Oh, here it is! https://github.com/justinkowski/case-opera-rotas/blob/main/README.md


So that, a spacer, the rotas, a spacer, and a lump of wood or something, with n long bolts? I think I’m too lazy and disorganised to source order and assemble. Curse this human form.

I think I’m gonna shoot an order :slight_smile: