Options to AR if you're looking for sample playback

Well congratulations then ! Remember this is not a simple looping device :wink:

Haha nice! :slight_smile:

The Analog Rytm wasn’t really even on my radar, when I was looking at piecing together a hardware live pa. I was leaning toward a combination of the new electribe (possibly the Sampler version if it would ever show up), a Novation Bass Station 2, Monotribe, and some Volcas.

Then I saw one video of Cenk using the Rytm and the sound of it just blew me away. I could never get the new Electribe to sound like that! I had to rethink everything (and sell one of my bicycles to afford it). And that’s the thing about the AR, as I am sure you will learn in the first hour with it. It can absolutely be the total package if you want it to be. I used to (10 years ago) write everything on an MPC2000XL with 8 outs feeding a Mixer with FX. The Rytm feels like an incredibly similar workflow, especially with drum samples, but the sound just brings it all together.

So, now AR+A4 is my combo. Costs only a couple hundred more than all that other stuff I was considering, and in the end was worth far more it, I think. The portability of these boxes combined is also a great selling point. I can fit it all into a HPRC carry-on case, plus a couple JLCooper FaderMasters (I highly recommend some midi faders for getting the most realtime funk out of your Rytm) with room in the case for an OT or MnM down the road.

You’re going to love your Rytm!

Well, about half an evening into it, I can say that this is a damn fine piece of instrument.

I’ve imported a batch of my own samples and I am happily ignoring the kids, the wife and the mandatory Saturday movie night cuddle. Got a big pair of headphones and a fresh cup of coffee, and I’m not hearing the screams, cause my kick drum and my loop is shutting them out.

It’s gonna cost me.

But it’s gonna be worth it.

This may go without saying, but if you’re going to go sample heavy on the Rytm - get into using Sample and Waveform chains. There are several available in the Files section here. Thanks to scene and performance modes, you can easily dedicate a couple tom tracks as complex synth tracks with waveform chains.

Converting old Octatrack chains (0-128 slice format) to Rytm (0-120) isn’t too difficult either, with Ableton Live.

OP-1 is an epic machine and if I ever have some extra cash I would love to have it and I would carry it with me everywhere!

Half a day into my new friendship with the Analog Rytm, I’ll say that I don’t much care for the oscillators - but I know I wouldn’t, that’s the entire point of this thread. So that’s fine. They’re good, obviously, but I prefer other instruments in this aspect.

The pads need some love before they love me back, I’m sure, but that’s also cool. Being a pianist, I know it takes awhile to break in an instrument before its physical properties comes to their full right.

But the actual sound that comes out of this machine. Man oh man, it’s a thing of beauty. It’s like being in a soft cocoon made of vinyl and saturation. It just does something tender and sweet to my samples, like a mother cares for a child.

I need coffee.

Eventually, I’ll post something here that I’ve put together. Feels right, somehow.

And here’s something I put together, my first track with the Rytm.

I’m very happy you guys talked me into this :slight_smile:

Have a nice evening,

Very nice.

But what’s up with the track name?! I totally got positive 90s rave vibes off of it…not a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon :slight_smile:

It just does something tender and sweet to my samples, like a mother cares for a child.

hehe Andreas, that is so true. I like your track very much, btw.

Another user here (“kotare”) said

I play my AR like a spec’d up SP1200 with analog drum synthesis.

that hits the nail on the head, IMHO. AR truly is a future classic.

Very nice.

But what’s up with the track name?! I totally got positive 90s rave vibes off of it…not a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon :)[/quote]
Hah :slight_smile: thanks. Well, it’s all part of a project I’m working in, which I’m calling Lullabies For The Vintage Generation. So it has all these kind of names that imply modernity, yet a vintage sound to the recordings.
Or it will be, once I’ve got more tracks in it.

Agree completely. It’s exactly like that.
Thanks for listening, I’m glad you liked it. Means a lot to me.