OPZ Drum Packs

Hello there, anyone into this little devil called OPZ?
I’d like to share a few drum packs I made for OPZ but suitable for Op1 as well.

There are drum hits made with the good old Machinedrum and some more experimental for breakcore/glitch style beats…
Enjoy and share if you like it :smirk:



two year later but… thanks. downloading now.

it’s never too late I guess… In the meantime I even sold the OPZ😁

Interesting little device. I read there are synth engines that are pretty editable but on the sample side, how much can they be edited?

Sample editing is really simple in OPZ as far as I remember. Don’t know if TE improved in these years (I sold it in 2020). Better spend money on other samplers like Polyend Tracker or Elektron Model Samples, they offer much more sample editing features. IMO the OPZ is a cool toy for quick pattern writing but don’t expect much deepness. FX and performance mode are cool on the other hand.