Orchestral Tools users

Not really the core activity here, i suppose - but Im currently working on some long form orchestral music for an art project. Thought maybe Id open up a thread if this is relevant to others here - we could share tips, library advice, maybe music down the line…? Theres also their new sampler coming hopefully, which could be a cool thing to discover and share about. Topic open to general things about scoring, and other library makers off course.


Time Micro library release tonight!

Spitfire Audio Lab’s https://www.spitfireaudio.com/labs/ are excellent … and free.


Anybody run into a Kontakt thing where when you record sustained notes they dont sustain on playback?

More spesific: orch tools first chairs, when i play or draw midi notes sustain normally, but not when playing back. If i jump to the middle of a long note it sustain for the remainder of the note. Latest kontakt, studio one.

Happens with legato as well as sustains…

Figuren it out…I have a doubling of notes issue for some reason…easy to fix, though annoying.

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Orchestral tools sale over at native instruments.