Original Tempo Question for Tempo-less Samples

I have a lot of samples that are sounds of metal clangs, door slams, etc. When I load them into the Octatrack, sometimes the automatic tempo detection pegs them at 300bpm, which makes the samples sound horrible when played at 80bpm, 60bpm, etc.

What I have to do is manually change the tempo to whatever BMP I am using for the project for each individual sample (quite tedious). I understand how this feature is good in most cases, but for any samples that don’t have a BPM associated with them naturally, it totally throws everything off completely.

Is there anyway to get the Octatrack to stop changing the tempo to anything but whatever tempo I am using for my project?

Thanks for your help!

Well, it depends … do you need the sample to be time -streched or not?

AFAIK in the audio-editor menu “ATTR” (Attributes) we can change the BPM behaviour. We can set the TIMESTRECH to “off” and now the sample will play as recorded. If changes to the playback are required, we can use the parameters of the FLEX or STATIC machine (sample-locks)

But if time-stretching is required, I think, there is no other way as to change each sample.


I would add : Yes it sounds like one shot samples. In that case it seems better to save sample settings with Timestretch off, imo.
The Timestretch parameter is TSTR in Playback Setup.


I’ll add: If you set the timestretch to off in the attributes, you can leave the flex timestretch setting to auto and it will read from the attributes… Auto makes it so if you switch the sample or use sample locks, it uses each samples own setting…


Thanks! I found setting timestretch to off does the trick. Thanks for all your help!