Orthogonal Devices ER-301

Omg. Goodbye forever Octatrack you were always a big thorn in my heel.


Looks like a bunch of mode-switching buttons and a single encoder to adjust values. I can’t imagine how this will be a more fluid UI to operate than the Octatrack’s. Its openness to CV control is of course cool, but as someone with a lot of $ happily sunk into the Eurorack format I would never replace my Octatrack with this.

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It DOES sound a little bit nicer than the OT, I think

But, I agree, the OT has a better UI

I’ve had the octatrack twice and I wanted to love it but it had so many flaws and short comings I decided to say goodbye for ever. I never use the computer with Rytm, so for me Elektron kinda dropped the ball with the whole overbridge thing. Most guys that I know don’t really use overbridge. Maybe Octatrack 2 someday. Elektron would be smart to make another version but they no longer listen to their valued customers it seems. I have no idea what they were thinking with this last thing they put out. I feel kind of bad for them actually.

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Ok bye! I’m happy with both ob and octotrack and the heat , sound computer looks great but I don’t have a eurorack system but I’m not complaining

Looks really interesting. Have actually been wanting a comprehensive euro sampling module like this for a while.
Definitely watching this one. Wonder if it handles line level in/out?

Apples and Oranges, dude… not even the same category

wheres the MIDI sequencer? wheres the performance knobs? wheres the step sequencer? wheres the p-locking? wheres the crossfader?

i mean, if you dig it, awesome… but its not killing anything at all… looks like a whole new animal

also looks more like test equipment than something you would make music with


pretty mind blowing for lot’s of eurorack users. it’s basically a software modular inside a computer… “sound computer” is a fitting name.

the UI is pretty amazing and looks way better than any hardware sample i’ve ever used. it’s not an octatrack replacement in my eyes. these are very different things.

anyway… there’s no reason he can’t add lot’s of different modules to the 301. wavetables, oscillators, all kinds of FX etc…

it’s wide open architecture. i think he’s opening it up to user/3rd party ‘units’ for adding to the software possibilities.

the overview is 24 minutes and gets interesting after the first example. i like the UI… the bouncing cursor is rad.


Jeez Richard Devine’s gunna be all over this thing no doubt.
Can imagine some serious mutation. Awesome


Man this thing is a beast.
Next purchase was going to be Heat but that looks bloody boring now in comparison to this.
Can’t fit the bastard into my euro case as usual. What to get rid of…
Reckon I may be able to replace octatrack with this as I only use it for sample mangling which this thing has more than covered.
Would like an audio test between this and the OT, I always feel the sound of OT is slightly veiled. Would love a sampler with a more open and defined soundstage.
Got sick of waiting for OT2, just a figment of my imagination and never gunna happen.
Really impressive future road map also including wavetable synthesis, and anyone in euro can vouch for the quality of Orthogonal modules. Pretty expensive but incredible quality. As good as it gets.

As musical instrument this thing has less appeal than a cash register. Sure is good for eurorack fans but simply not comparable with an instrument like the OT.


Just pretty stunned at the beauty and functionality of this thing… especially given that it came out of a one man shop. looks like he implemented a lot of things that elektron could have done with the octatrack to make it greater… polyphonic sample playback off of a single sample chain… more full featured looper… and on and on.
I really wonder what the future holds for the octatrack since elektron said they are done adding any new features to it (and seem to have quit fixing the features it does have).


Orthogonal euro modules are a work of art.
The highest quality. This thing is on my radar for sure
Sold out till mid December though

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I’ve been waffling on completing the Dark Trinity as I have a number of samplers, as well as a Cirklon for sequencing, but I’ve really wanted a Eurorack sampler - the existing ones haven’t really appealed (Phonogene, Grandpa, etc). I think this is the golden ticket.

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there’s also the bitbox - i’m sure it’ll get firmware updates as well.

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now that this has been out for a while, can anyone who’s bitten the bullet and received a 301 share any opinions on the speed and ease of its UI navigation by comparison to the OT?

it clearly has advantages in sound quality, polyphony, precision of slicing, TZFM of samples (nuts), and of course CV integration. plus some very exciting things on the firmware roadmap.

but after watching the “getting started” videos that are out there now, the display + buttons + one encoder interface looks to me like it could be extremely easy to lose reference points on what exact signal paths you’ve set up for each input (a lot of clicking and scrolling to see configurations that would be only two button presses away on an OT audio track), and possibly quite slow to make changes to individual inputs’ signal paths. I never thought I’d say this, but I feel like I’d miss the OT’s comparative immediacy. especially for things like quickly p-locking FX and amp/eq/filter/envelope settings.


anyone install the latest update? 0.6.08

I think this thing is moving away from my comprehension. update says you can connect with USB and mount and unmount the SD card that way. should make updates way easier…but…excuse my dumb…where does the USB cable go? if its behind, I would think that extremely inconvenient.

help school a slow mind


Is that a microUSB port above the switch?

“Convenient” obviously depends on case and mounting :wink:

Ugh. Absolutely inconvenient :frowning:
I was reading further it’s only for dev purposes now. But it MAY be available to the GP :grimacing:

But sharing units is available now which is cool. No repathing or placing stuff into folders. People who are creating units can just pack em and share em. :+1:t6:

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ER-301 owners…

Dunno if you’ve updated to 0.6.9, but packages are in and werking. And now there is a forum for users to share presets. a couple of guys have submitted some SWEET units. Check it out.

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