OS 1.1 New features cheat sheet?

Hey I just downloaded the new OS and I’m a little overwhelmed.

I took a look and the new manual and it seemed to make things worse.

Is there a simple list of new features? What should I look out for?

Just a quick list at the top of my head:

Try the new filter mode:

  • function + filters, check F1 resonance boost
  • Up the resonance and the overdrive to about 3/4
  • Play with the cutoff

Try the poly mode:

  • Function + kit, configure poly mode
  • Check all 4 voices for 4 voice poly
  • Select poly type
  • Play chords

Try the sound selection tools:

  • Double tap track button
  • Browser pops up
  • use left arrow in browser to switch between the pool and +drive, search and filter sounds
  • use the right arrow to see copy/load/save options
  • Create a new Project to save everything in. This will not overwrite if you factory reset the +drive. This is the safest way to save your stuff without using C6.

  • Try midi mapping. You should be able to map out different sounds to a keyboard. It seems like it triggers midi but I haven’t had time to see if the sequencer does.

  • Try the different poly types. Notice how the different voices work together. Probably the most difficult to understand unless you do it.

  • There is a chord arp so it plays a chord when using poly.

Go through the pdf included with the OS download. :wink:

cheat sheet for 1.1 OS- http://www.elektronauts.com/files/download/36

You know, the OS comes with a readme in the zip that has a list of all the changes by themselves.