OT: 8 is not enough? NordDrum & Blofeld

I’m thinking about getting a Blofeld.
However my Octatrack MIDI tracks are currently controlling:

1 Volca Keys
2 Dreadbox NYX2
3 - 8 NordDrum2

Leaves me wondering:

a. Would freeing up only 1 or 2 MIDI tracks for the Blofeld be adequate?
b. How can I free up 1 or 2 tracks… maybe just clock the Volca and use it’s own sequencer and locks. Maybe a NordDrum2 track can sacrificed (rather than go to Global MIDI and sample each part to a recording track.)

Anyway I’ve heard that the Blofeld can do a lot of amazing things with the OT especially when you can devote a lot of the MIDI tracks towards it.

How about only 1 or 2 MIDI tracks?

Thanks for the reply.
Aside from the NYX, all of the equipment has pretty deep MIDI functionality.
I guess to be clear, I was asking Blofeld owners if they thought 2 MIDI tracks would be too limiting. I have read about the unit’s internal problems (arpeggios going out of sync, LFOs not clocking to an external source) and it makes me think that it cannot be left to reliably manage itself in the way that the Volca can be.
Anyway just throwing this out there into the forum to see if it elicits some helpful opinions - another great way to collect information.

I very much like the Blofeld as a companion to the OT (or in general) but I’d advise not to overthink too much. I also started out with all those questions on how to use all tracks/channels etc, then I figured out that I most probably would never use 16 channels of Blofeld, so I restricted to multis of 4, but IRL I mostly end up using a single sound, or maybe two, and then again, I could get away with PC’s using a single channel/track quite often.


Different parts in the ot means different routings. So maybe you could be situational and adapt channels accordingly. Best of both world. You can also regroup some nord drums on one channel and plock the focus track. For each unique trig you’ll have access to most of its parameters. For multiple hits on same trig, plock a chord with the limitation of not being able to tune each voice individually.


That Dreadbox NYX2 is awesome BTW

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Aha - that’s the outside the box thinking I came here for. Of course - each step of the NordDrum2 on a single track can be a different wave form (cc46 Tone Wave). Not great for long decays but certainly would work with highhats, etc. :+1:

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In addition to setting the Nord Drum to use only a single channel (you will loose free pitching of the drums), you can set the Blofeld to have multiple parts on a single channel.

In multi-mode you can split and layer up to 16 parts across the keyboard. Thus one Octatrack channel could control multiple Blofeld parts. Lots of fun.