OT and TR-8 live Techno jam (REOvolt)

While waiting for my AR I’m enjoying my “in between purchase” the TR-8 and the infamous OT. Just some noodling on these two creative machines. I must admit I was a bit sceptic, but this TR-8 does sound solid. I messed the levels up in Final Cut and the jam also didn’t go according to plan. I didn’t bother to fix it so this is just an impression.


i must admit im not a fan of acid house. yet still a fan of other peoples jam works. sounded good.

my curiosity was peaked by your rackmount setup. what is the rackmount stand your using?

I used a self build construction consisting of a tabletop 19" stand, two 19" rack trays (mounted on a wooden beam) and two laptop table stands mounted on the trays. It’s not the prettiest solution but it worked really well for my setup :slight_smile:

Awesome minimal jam! What’s that cool oscilloscopy rack unit? I’d love that in my setup!

That unit is a Behringer Ultracurve 24/96. It’s an EQ and RTA in one. I use it for my PA speakers or just for frequency analysis when I use my studio monitors. It can also work with a reference mic for listening room corrections. It’s not expensive and it sounds very good. I even know audiophiles who use them in their expensive setups.