OT as a filterbank?

Hi all,

I tried yesterday to process some pads sound coming from my A4 with my OT. I used T1-T4 as 4 four thru tracks with bandpass filters set on different frequencies that are swept using the fader. It sounded really gorgeous !

Im wondering if some you have tried to use their OT as a filterbank ? If so do you have some particular setting that works well ? Is it possible to use this to make some formants ?


using neighbour machines and putting incoming signal through 2 OT filters can sound very nice with some resonance :slight_smile:

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Reviving a very old topic, but I’ve been watching the Tuesday Night Machines videos on the Flame Maander synth and thought Octatrack could work as a pseudo filterbank.

I made a drone on the Stargazer that had enough freq range to work with and sampled a small bit. T1-T7 flex machines loop the sample, fx slots 1 & 2 use the filter and eq, and T8 is master with a tiny bit of reverb. I used the filter to get rid of bulk frequencies, then used the eq to pick one out and emphasize. I tried my best to get a good 7 band range, not really knowing what freq I was emphasizing but just going by ear from low to high.

Can’t wait to work more with this, I’ve only messed around with LFOs on the track volumes. It could definitely use more perfecting, so I encourage others to try it!

Some examples

First video shows off the different tracks. 2nd with the LFOs making rhythms out of the drone. 3rd using random LFOs on all the tracks.





clever, and an interesting sound.

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Thanks! Def some phasing issues to work on. Have it set up so they’re all trigged on the first step w the 1st trig condition but each at a different microtime. Might be better if i manually trigger.

Lastly I´ve been using 3 Thru tracks for the DN, one for the high freqs, other for the mids and other for the lows, with a filter or a DJ EQ.

Will this create phase issues?

Very cool! The second video would be really cool if you used song mode and muted and unmuted tracks with it.

I’ve tried similar experiments where I tried to make drum sound by pinging the filter of several thru tracks playing a chord progression of a jx-03 added some additional drums cause I didn’t get the intended result. Still it was a fun jam.


I’m not too knowledgeable on the subject, but possibly…(yeah great response!) In my case, when i had all the samples start at the same time i could definitely hear phasing/it sounding really thin or “off,” which is why i microtimed each one to offset that a bit. I also compared the filterbank pattern to the original sample and the original sounded a lot fuller (but this also could be due to reducing it down to 7 bands).

Maybe try and compare the 3 thrus vs just one without any filtering to see if the 3 sound “off.”

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Great vid! Love that wet pingy sound and groan.

I’ll definitely need to experiment with melodies/thru tracks, not just a drone sample. And good idea about song mode - i was thinking plocking the vol would get a similar effect since i don’t use song mode these days. Lots more to try out!

I find arrangements fairly straight forward. I just needed to spend some time with it and read the manual a bit. Like anything with the octatrack :smile:

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With additional Comb filters it can be also very interesting imho…

Shouldn’t if you use same fx for each track.

Formant Filter for Octatrack

I’d rather use Flex, plocks, Neighbor tracks.

It’s easier to make snare / hh drums with noisy sources, like distorted sounds. You can use Lofi fx to do so, and filter after.
Example of drums made from incoming signal (guitar + distortion as source)


just the person needed for this thread lol. i’ll have to try combs