OT comb filter - how and where to use?

:joy: I could do a full series of these sort of “excellent” tutorials you know…

I have done a tutorial that features the comb filter and some cool tricks to make it “sing”

take a look :slight_smile:

Enjoy !


that’s really great!

I could do a full series of these sort of “excellent” tutorials you know…

and that would definitely put Brian Eno’s ‘oblique strategies’ to shame ;D

Just got an OT, love the comb filter for drones this way. Thanks for sharing!

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:loopy: :elot: Comb Comp Contest!

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Yes! I saw a video on YouTube by Max doing this (with filters however) and the comb filter kind of sold me.

I have been thinking about resampling a comb filtered drone with 4 notes and just keep going an octave up per resample and see what happens? Harmonic explosions I guess.

I’ve had this thing for 1 day…so I still need some time with it but I didn’t know people had contests on the forum! That’s awesome

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Not drone, drums, but I used this principle, resampling + feedback + pitch + combfilters.

I saw a video

I had the idea first. :pl:


Hey that’s neat. 1:41 to 1:49 is a nice little sweet spot!

Of course you did :upside_down_face:

I’ll see what I can record and share!


Great video, remember watching it awhile back, slightly off topic but love the black knobs and cross fader, where did you source them? :slight_smile:

I don’t remember the name but it was someone on the forum selling them, it might have been the old EU forum though., I think quite a few people on the forum bought knobs and possibly also stands from him, so hopefully someone with a better memory than me will remember his name.

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…haha…lucky dips and happy accidents…taking place without the intension to do so in first place…

and that is second name to the ot…
all audio mangling options and the internal fx possibilies with all that lfo jungle is made for sonic surprise surprise…no shame if it’s not following any plans…
as long u got some concept how to handle this, ur always good to go…

and the comb filter in special is a breathtaking tool and worth a try on pretty much all material…some lfo on depth and pitch with some filtering along gives always birth to sparkling miracles on even most dull and boring audio whatsoever…

and hey, some of the best sonic results i got from the ot, were based on coincidences…
but hey, conicince is code, end of the day…

i’m out for now…have a good new years eve everybody…read u next decade…

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This is an example of comb filtering. There is one track being sequenced and another track being played with Octatrack keys :slight_smile:




Probably inspired by this :
:loopy: :elot: Comb Comp Contest!

no samples, no fx except Comb Filters and Compressor !

That’s a really lovely track.


On an amen break for special request vibes

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