OT conditional FILL removing slice mode?!

I have sliced a sample (kick, hat, clap). Works fine.

e.g., Slice 1 on trig 1, Slice 2 on trig 2, etc.

When I apply the FILL condition a very strange thing is happening.

e.g., if I apply F̅I̅L̅L̅ (negative) to trig 2, and leave trig 1 alone, the OT ignores the slicing for trig 1 and plays the entire sample.

has anyone any experience with this?

User error?
I don’t have such issue.
More details please.

Have you turned SLIC ON on SRC Setup Page?

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hi! i made a video and showing it

but after i made this video, I muted and then unmuted a separate track with a different sample and a fill condition the behavior stopped ?!

so now I can’t reproduce it…

user error is always a possibility but this one stumped me.

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The Scene maybe, on LEN parameter… LFO, HOLD, REL…
Great it works!