OT: Countdown timer for pattern switch?

Hi-- I like to use weird pattern lengths, and I can’t always remember which pattern is how long.

When I switch to a new pattern or when I create a pattern chain, is there a way to see a countdown or some kind of indication that the pattern is about to switch to the new one? (So that you can do cool scene slides or something.)

Or equivalently, is there a way immediately to see where I am in the pattern vs how long the pattern is (like STEP 11 OUT OF 16 or like weird, STEP 3 OUT OF 11.)

Searching the manual for COUNT just leads me to the ARRANGER mode, which is close to what I am asking about, but I want to see it in the regular mode somewhere.


You’ve got page position leds, beats between tempo indicator.

I also found this workaround with a track with slices : :content:


Ah—nice, thank you for the video.

I think the problem is that a pattern can be of variable lengths, but then additionally there are different timings (per pattern, project settings, at the bar, etc) for when each pattern might switch.

There doesn’t seem to be one place to just see visually that the pattern will switch in X beats.

Is there a best practice here? Maybe just always set all pattern master-scales to 64 beats?

I didn’t find a better solution, it can be used with different lengths.
I planned to set my ZOIA leds from an OT midi track, with red leds for end of the pattern for instance…

Concerning pattern length, up to you, nothing is best.

Yes, usually many projects when you’re at the bar ! :beers: