OT expectations/Where it fits in your workflow

I tried to make the OT my all-purpose-production-environment. I failed.

The OT is an unbeatable performance tool, a Dynamic-Performance-Sampler :wink:

But for OTB production, i would go for a Midi/Music Production Center.

Get both and you won´t miss a thing :slight_smile:

Ok, this thread asks a big question so you are bound to get big answers.

Well I’m only a couple of weeks old with it so you may say I’m honeymooning but after twenty years of tech I like to think I know where I’m at, I am already banging out interesting idea upon idea in no time, today I’ve got to the equivalent of 9 x 16 bar loops, these are pretty complicated drum and bass and consist of start, main, breakdown and ending and just need putting together to hear if they work in a linear fashion, I’ve played them live via the fader and pattern buttons and they are great but setting them linear may show cracks, although I am kinda loathed to do that as I don’t want my creations to be totally linear, it’s not really the reason I’ve bought the OT but I also know that the tracks have to work,

The thing I’m finding with the OT is you have a lot of fun getting lost in loops and minor changes, in a daw that’s the cause of headaches and negative circles for me and I get stuck in a monitor rut and achieve zero and end up turning off, with this I’m jamming and adding little snippets of changes and it’s driving me forward, the opposite of where I’ve been for years, I thought maschine was the answer but compared to this that’s lost it’s appeal as its practically a daw nowadays, sometimes I think that product was better in it’s infancy at version 1 in 2008 when it had less options.

Where do I see OT ? At the front, right at the front for me, today I started using it with midi so it’s recording live midi and sequencing back a couple of analog synths, I shall increase the connected items one by one over the next few weeks to see where we end up. I’m finding small limitations on the midi with chords but nothing I can’t get around now I know what they are.

Before buying it I wondered about the polyphony limit, glad to say that worry was daft, let’s be honest, the first thing the majority of us do is create a beat/rhythm whether in or out of a daw, it’s ultra quick on this, I use all 8 tracks straight off then sample my loop, create new pattern (with original always there intact for reference) and p-lock my looped sample in, got 7 tracks left, they then get the same treatment for samples. Sample locks are a truly wonderful and simple thing and I’m now using them in a creative sense to shut files off that would otherwise wish to play out. Adding midi units extends it a lot, that’s an obvious statement but how many aren’t using it to sequence?

Using the master at longer lengths and the individual tracks at low speed gives so much opportunity for proper varied patterns, it’s not a 64step sequencer in that respect and I’ve got some decent chord progressions happening but with counter timing on my percussion, I wouldn’t get that in my daw or maschine.

As for some people thinking it’s better suited as a glitch machine, well I think partly due to the way most videos present the OT it’s easy for folk to think like that, only when you get involved do you realise it’s so much more.

I am not going back to a monitor screw that. :slight_smile: . Mine is currently in my living room on a table with headphones in it and a juno1 connected to it’s inputs, the fact that I can create anywhere is just refreshing, ive got a room full of synths and a computer and sometimes it’s just too damn serious in there to get anything positive happening.

I’m chuffed with it.