OT Midi quirkiness

I asked about this a while back on the old forum, figured I’d see if anyone has run into this besides me again…

Basically when I realtime record MIDI chords from my external keyboards (Virus TI2 or Nord Stage 2), I’m hearing what amounts to dropped notes occasionally when the pattern loops back around. I’ve tried all sorts of config changes, quantize on / off, MIDI channel arrangements, etc, and still even with an extremely basic sequence get this sort of behavior almost every try.

Also, when trying to realtime record knob movements from the assignable CC params, there will also be occasional glitches where the values seem to suddenly jump to 0 or 127, then back to where it was.

I’ve tried contacting support but they haven’t been able to replicate the issue and doesn’t see anything wrong in the project file I sent. So… was wondering if it’s maybe just my particular OT that’s exhibiting this behavior, or maybe my particular config? Anybody else have any issues with recording MIDI chords / knob movements in non-step sequence recording?

One tip is that I would maybe do some sort of midi monitoring of what those keyboards are sending out (especially the virus), just from a troubleshooting / process of elemination standpoint.


Agree, record it if possible the MIDI stream in a DAW or something. I would also try to do an audio recording of the sound output at the same time. So you can hear the “affected” output there too without having to replicate the problem. Pin point that “time stamp” of where you hearing the faults on both recordings and see if it reveals anything specific…

I have the same issue when using a keyboard to trigger/sequence drums from various sound modules. If i record a Kick & Snare & then overdub open & closed hi hats the Kick disappears. But if i then overdub the Kick again, all remains. I’m only using 4 sounds/notes so i don’t understand why notes are dropping.

Yeah, this issue is specific to real-time recording multiple notes per step (at least for me). If I record single notes there aren’t any issues.