OT MK2 or Maschine MK3 for my set up?

Yes, all parameters that are exposed by the plug-in are directly available from the controller.

NKS-compatible plugins work best “out-of-the-box” because they’ll already have their parameters grouped into logical pages with sensible names.

For non-NKS-compatible plugins you’ll want to do some work to create a mapping with page and shortened parameter names that make sense to you. You then save this as the default preset for that plugin and it will always be there when you load up the plugin from the controller.

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£30 per day
£150 per week
£510 per month

For a Mk1 OT.


I’d snag a Maschine now if I could sample, timestretch, play Monark and tweak parameters without even looking at my computer screen.

Watching YouTube videos now to see if that’s possible.

I looked at Push, but Maschine looks more fun to me.

£510 for a month is very steep. Used OTs can be found on gumtree for £600!

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You can absolutely do all that. Highly recommend a Mk3 though. Not even for the displays, but because of better button layout and overall workflow.

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