OT mk2 sends glitchy MIDI CC to Line 6 Helix


What I am trying to achieve:

Control some FX parameters on the Line 6 Helix via Octatrack MIDI CC’s. I’d like to map a handful of parameters so that I can adjust them with my hands via the OT without bowing down + the ability to add LFO’s to the Helix Effects is quite awesome too!

I’ve set up both machines to the best of my knowledge, I’ve already done some research on this topic too, but I only get glitchy results so far.

*Helix receives clock, this works perfectly.
*I’ve successfully assigned (unused) MIDI CC#, manually or via MIDI Learn.
*When turning the encoder on the Octatrack, I get glitchy responses on the Helix, random values approximately updated once per second, or no value changes at all.
*Same result when controlling the CC via one of the LFO’s on different depth an speed settings.
*Same result when using trigless trigs with fixed values

BUT: When I use standard trigs with a note info and variable CC messages, the assigned effect setting on the Helix behaves just as expected and updates the values used in the trigs instantly without any glitchy behaviour or whatsoever.

So I’m having a hard time understanding this behaviour and how to fix it.

Things I’ve checked:

*Sending MIDI CC via the Arturia Keystep Pro to the Helix works without a problem, so I’ve kinda took the Helix out of the equasion for now. I actually though it was a Helix problem in the beginning, but yeah…
*I’ve tried multiple MIDI Channel combinations, including omni on the Helix. I’ve also made sure that I’m no sending to the same MIDI Channel from multiple MIDI tracks on the Octatrack.
*I’ve directly connected the OT to the HX without splitters or super long cables, also tried a few different ones.

A workaround that could possibly work is by sending very fast arpeggiated note information in order to force the Helix to update the CC values. Sorry, I can’t find any better way to put this, hope you get what I’m trying to say… :smiley:

Thanks in advance!

Cheers! :cowboy_hat_face:

Do you have a midi loop (midi going out from OT going back in) or midi cc from another device also going into the Helix?

Maybe check with a midi monitor software what OT is sending exactly when you turn an encoder?

Powercycling OT and reloading project sometimes helps solving glitches.


I had glitchy results freeze with OT and HX Stomp (same audio engine as Helix) sending clock and CC at the same time.
I didn’t try with last OS.

What if you stop sending clock?
It was working for me without it, CC only.

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Thanks guys, a few things that I’ll try tomorrow!

  • MIDI Monitor
  • New Project (although this one is pretty new and clean)
  • Updating HX firmware (I’m running the big update from beginning of this year, but there seems to be a 3.01 update around, I’ll give it a try, although no mentions of MIDI CC.

@Schnork: No MIDI Loop, OT is the brain and there’s no MIDI In plugged in. Also no USB connections on any of the machines. MIDI Out on the HX goes to the RC500 Looper and that’s a dead end too.

@sezare56 I’m pretty sure that I’ve tried that earlier, but I’ll double check tomorrow! It’s not ideal though, I need to at least send clock through the Helix for the looper and I don’t really want to miss syncing the HX either. I’m pretty sure that I had disabled Clock Sync for testing purposes on the Helix, with no effect.

Appreciate the help so far!

OT sends regular CCs. I think my HX Stomp couldn’t handle clock and CCs at the same time. Both worked separately.

Can the Keystep pro send midi clock to check if the Helix can handle it with CCs?

Also midi 1.0 is limited, you can’t send too much data at the same time.

So, I’ve done some testing after I’ve updated to the latest HX 3.01 firmware.

I’m on OT 1.40A btw.

I can confirm that the Helix can handle clock & CC at the same time from the Keystep Pro via Din connection just as expected.

I can also confirm that the Helix handles CC’s from the OT perfectly fine, ONLY IF I disable Send MIDI Clock in the OT Sync menu. As soon as I turn it back on, the glitches return. This is the case even when the OT sequencer is stopped and the Helix monitors no active MIDI Clock Sync (Tap tempo is blue when slaved to MIDI clock and red if not).

I then made the following setup: Keystep sending Clock and CC to the OT MIDI In -> Midi Thru to the Helix - The Helix receives the MIDI data also as to be expected: clock and cc are fine.

To sum things up:

Disabling Clock Send on the OT solves the issue, Using another clock source passed through the OT solves the issue. Disabling MIDI Clock Receive on the Helix won’t solve the issue

Allright, but the OT being an 8 track MIDI sequencer with 12 CC options per track should be able to send clock and 1 CC though.

Anyways… I thought it might be a good idea to bring in another player, namely the Digitone after reading left and right that it might be a good idea to use the Digi’s as master clock anyways (being the newer devices). I’ve had the issue that DN notes wouldn’t play on first pattern playthrough when clocked by the OT, but that’s another story - just wanted to throw that into the discussion because it makes the decision to try the Digitone as master clock a bit easier.

aaaannnddd… “drumroll”

The MIDI sequencer on the digitone works in all setups:

  • DN as Master sending clock and cc’s to the Helix via the MIDI DIN Out.
  • DN being clocked by the OT using the DN MIDI sequencer for CC’s to the Helix

So, there we go, this seems to be okay, I could actually be happy now.


The idea to send a shitload of note information to the helix came back into my mind and I just had to try it. Turns out that it works perfectly too.
Based on yesterday’s discovery that the Helix actually accepts CC when being sent along with a note trig made me try the following:

  • MIDI note trig (default C3) with infinite lenght on the first step of the pattern.
  • Enable Arpeggio
  • Start pattern
  • enjoy endless CC tweaking

I gues in this scenario the arpeggio speed works like a CC sampling rate - the more notes, the more precise is the midi translation. I wouldn’t abuse this in order to minimize data being sent, but it’s kinda cool that it works that way too!

I’ll do further investigations on this matter!

Thanks for the assistance, hope my findings can help somebody else too!

Weird. OT is supposed to send regular midi clock. It’s a standard! I really don’t understand why it would work with keystep clock and not with OT’s. Do you also send notes?

Edit : and it also works with DN?

If you’re motivated to check the difference with a midi monitor…that’d be great.

That doesn’t prove anything. Midi Thru send back Midi in. Plugging Keystep directly would be the same.

You can also set OT master, DN slaved and sending its clock + CCs via DN midi out. They both can receive and send clock.

I prefer OT master for steady recordings…

I’m pleased to see someone else using the OT with the Helix. I’m doing the exact same.


I use OT and HX Stomp, same Helix line audio engine in a compact size, 1 DSP.

But I realized recently that it doesn’t count for Helix Floor/Lt users, if you write in Helix forums they almost say you’re off topic. Size matters apparently…

Are you using clock and CCs from OT?

Yes I have the HX Stomp too. I’ve only done midi clock tempo sync stuff haven’t tried any cc mapping or switching presets. The midi learn on the Stomp is quite good.

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