OT Swing

Is there any way to morph between swing values? It can’t be mapped to midi cc, is there anything using scenes/patterns/parts?

What do you mean? Can you not adjust the knob in real time? Or, you’d want to assign it to the crossfader? That AFAIK is not possible.

I have 8 midi tracks with different swing values. In an ideal world Scene A would have a set of swing values and Scene B would have another, then yes morph between. Wondered if there was a workaround somehow.

I use a USAMO and can remote cc a global swing value from there but would be nice to move between values on a per track basis.

Well, the only thing that comes to mind is using the delays and plocking, but you’d lose tracks this way (as you’d need one track for unswung trigs and another for the swung ones)

Or maybe you could pull this off with a single track, by plocking delay wet/dry values (100% dry on the unswung notes, 100% wt on the swung notes)?

EDIT: Sorry this is not possible - the delay effect does not have a wet/dry control. wtf :3lektron: ? I can imagine tons of cases where you’d want to use a 0-feedback 100% wet delay for offsetting timing…