OT Sync Question

Real simple question, and I think I know the answer…

Can the OT be synced via the USB port? For instance, to a PC/iPad or another hardware device.

If not, how difficult is it to sync one to, say, an iPad (which a friend owns) using some kind of MIDI device?


Not possible via USB unfortunately…

The USB port is only for sample transfer.

But syncing to an iPad is easy. Basically, you just need the Camera Connection Kit and a USB to midi cable. Set your channels up and you should be able to use it like any other hardware.

Right on, sounds pretty doable, thanks for the replies.

No problem. Another tip: if you want to transmit audio as well as midi via the iPad connector port (as opposed to using the headphone out), connecting a class compliant USB mixer or interface will work. I’ve had no issues using a powered USB hub (connected to the iPad via CCK) simultaneously with both a USB mixer and USB/midi cable.