Overbridge / effect recording

I have set up overbridge for the first time

Iam able to record individual tracks , great!
However I find the separate tracks are recorded dry signal with no effects on them. Is there away if recording tracks after effect sends?


Read up about overbridge and how to configure all outputs. ( each instrument , fx sends , inputs have their own tracks )

Fx go out main outs , it doesn’t output stereo fx for each track .

It’s generally the same setup on rytm, four , digitakt so there’s a lot of info on overbridge threads and probably YouTube videos , and in the overbridge manual.

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Can’t find any info on this. That’s why I asked brah

Pretty well documented throughout the site, bruh

Do you have a link please? More than happy
To read it but can’t find. That’s why I asked for

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It’s on p13 of the manual: https://www.elektronauts.com/uploads/default/original/3X/d/d/dde43283aeae4ecfefb2f698fdec5b5024c983af.pdf

You can record the FX channels on separate tracks and blend them with your dry tracks at will. Quite flexible really as you aren’t stuck with the FX levels if you change your mind later on.


We should get a vid tutorial for this