Overbridge Hybrid

Hey Guys,

i have an Analog Four which i have currently just reconfigured to control my hardware synths via cv and also taking advantage of the recent update to send out midi to other synths. The A4 is acting as a central hub for all of gear now which is amazing! Buuut… im now unable to use Overbridge… or am i? My question is can is use Overbridge to control parameters only and midi be controlled via midi output? The reason i use the midi is because i often experience serious latency issues. I bought an E-RM Multiclock, which again is amazing and i’d hate for it to become redundant.

Also, Overbridge is always so hit and miss… sometimes it detects my hardware but most the time it doest unless i reboot. usually a success rate of 2/10…! maybe thats another post all together…