Overbridge Pattern/Sequencer Transfer

Is it possible to transfer sequencer steps from the Digitakt to your DAW?

On Maschine, it’s a simple drag and drop from the piano roll.

I currently build my sequences on digitakt (more tactile) then rewrite it into Cubase and/or FL Studio. Would be nice to just be able to drag and drop it, or copy paste.

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I have been searching for this answer, seems like it is no… In the manual for 1.5 it mentions that for some of the other devices it does NOT send the sequencer/pattern data over midi. However, it does not specifically mention the digitakt so I remain hopeful despite kind of knowing the answer already

I think to get the basic notes (without plocks) you can copy the audio track to a midi track and then play that into your DAW while your DAW is set to record incoming midi…

Hmmmm interesting! I will def try this in the morning. P.Locks are the interesting part of the sequencer but I do understand somewhat why that is something that might be more difficult to send to MIDI