Overhub...do I need it?

So I’m about to place an order for a digitakt and digitone and I was wondering if anyone had any advice about overhub.

Do I need it and what are the advantages of it over a ‘normal’ usb 3 hub?

You won’t need it for those devices.
You get peace of mind for a price, but other hubs could be fine. It would be more essential if you had a Mk1 analog . There are threads on options and the pertinent background info

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Could you link a couple of threads?

It’s only £50 so not a huge investment and I just wanna make sure I’m getting the best overbridge experience.

You only need Overhub (or another USB 2.0 hub which supports MTT) when you are running USB 1.xx devices.

Here is a short explanation:

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My Overhub, which never left the bedroom studio, had a finicky Micro B USB 3 port and eventualy just fell out. I’ve seen many others on this board with the same complaint. I loathe Micro B USB 3. It should have never been born. It’s terrible. I’m being a bit over the top for effect, but unless they release a MK II with different connection port, I would steer clear.