Own a Virus C, Looking for replacement?


So I just got my Octatrack,

But I have a Virus C, the only thing I have issues with it is the lack of USB connection and proper modern patch saving.

What say you on replacements for a Virus C in the hardware realm?

Whats everyone take on a A4/Keys or a Monomachine?

I am also open any other company whether it be full analog or digital hardware synths?

Ignore the Monomachine if you want modern patch saving.

I don’t understand what you dislike about the Virus C. Monomachine doesn’t have Usb either. If you need Usb for midi, a core midi Usb interface is $40.
Virus C is a very powerful synth and all it needs is a great sequencer like the OT, which you have.
They’re a great match.

Yeah, the Virus is great! Are you just curious about other Elektron boxes? They’re great too, but unless you want something specific like a synth with an independent sequencer with p-locks and such, you might find ditching the Virus premature. It seems to me like such a great partner for the OT! And yes, be wary of Elektrons if you seek conventional methods of saving your patches, see: I can’t stand it anymore and Any tips for saving yourself from destroying a good pattern?

USB is not necessary for patch organization. Good software is.

Do you have the Sounddiver software that comes free with the Virus? I have a Virus B and that free software is better than most paid patch editor/librarian for the Virus.

If you don’t have it, send an email to Access support and they’ll send you a copy.

No I dont, I googled around trying to find something, but apparently I was bad at that.

Yes, diggin up the editor for the Virus is not as easy as it sounds… I never tried emailing Access directly. I read on another forum that it wouldn’t work on Windows 7, believed it and stopped my hunt. There are other editors pout there:


Can’t vouch for any of them as I never tried them, and sold my Virus C to fund my Analog Keys! Comparing them is hard, as most of the sounds I liked on the Virus were the kind of vinatge pad sounds that I can make on the AK (And they sound much better on the AK)

However, I do pang for that harsh dirty digital sound I used to get from the Virus. In fact even the clean digital sounds were a beauty…

What kind of patch saving do you like? I don’t remember the Virus C being too much of a pain…

No I dont, I googled around trying to find something, but apparently I was bad at that.[/quote]

Go to the ACCESS web site and there is an option to send email to support. It’ll ask for your SN# of your Virus. They sent it to me via emailed the next day.

And it does run under Windows 7.

Here are some screen shots of the editor/librarian to give you an idea what it looks like.

I just found 2 of those thanks for the 3rd, the darn MidiQuest seems like the best one, but its bloody wicked expensive at like 350$. Guess I will go look into the other 2 options because if their good it may fix my problem of completely integrating my Virus into my system. FL Studio and I own a Motu Midi Time Piece for all my midi routing needs