P-Lock - Changing pitch is affecting multiple steps


New guy here. I tried searching the forum about this, but could not seem to find anything. So i’ll take my chances on asking out loud. :slight_smile:

MK2 SFX60+
OS: 1.32B


When changing the pitch of one single step in a pattern using parameter lock, sometimes (not always) changing this, will affect all the steps coming after the step i was supposed to edit.
This happens only with pitch, not with other values like attack, decay, effect values and so on.

If i use a simple 16 step sequence, as an example:

Changing pitch on step 1 with P-lock, affects steps 1-16, making everything in at the same pitch

Changing pitch on step 10 with P-lock, affects steps 10-16.

Changing pitch on step 5 with P-lock, affects steps 5-16.

As i said, this happens randomly, sometimes it works as it should, and only the selected step is changed, but sometimes it behaves as described above.

I have only had the MnM for a couple of weeks, but i encountered this already on the first day. When i asked my mate who have had a MnM for a while now, he explained, that he has been experiencing this since he got it.

Anyone here able to shed some light on this?



random idea: check the steps following the one you plocked. hold them down and make sure there is a note associated with them, and you don’t see — instead.

at times i enter normal trigs that for some reason don’t register note values, and unexpected things happen when the sequencer hits them.

Thx, will check that out :slight_smile:


Any portamento ? Do you have slide trigs ? Are the trig leds red ?


Thx for answering!

No portamento, no slide and the triggs was red.

Good thing is that i have (finally) gotten some studiotime the last two days, and have used the MnM alot, without this happening.
Soo… I guess i’ll just have to wait and see. Maybe it’s just me being a big ol noob :slight_smile: