Pad Velocity Sensitivity

How do you have this setup, and how do you like it?
I have been thinking about using an MPC1000 to do the exact same thing. Because of the lack of midi sequencing and poor pads of the RYTM I would like to have those features housed on another device (if possible) and the MPC1000 seems to be what I’m after.
Also (random question) Do the two units have about the same width? Looking at the specs online the units are just about the same width however, in pictures these two units look to be pretty different in widths and are about a few inches off (from what I’m able to see online.) can you confirm this?

Being used to Tempest pads, the Rytm pads seem to be hit or miss when it comes to sensitivity. Seems like I need to hit them harder than my normal style. The sounds are great so far though. I’ve demoted the Tempest to a MIDI pad controller.

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Use 2 fingers and they’ll trigger more reliably. But yeah, not very good for finger drumming/playing.

The pads are not great for much other than mutes/scenes/perf etc in my experience.

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I’ve made my peace with the rytm pads fwiw. They also seem to have loosened abit during use.

trigs + pads together is where it’s at :sunglasses:

Same. I quantize everything anyway, so anything I do use the pads to live record is A-OK

I just finally got a used RYTM mk1 after wanting one for years. The machine is great and all (dunno if I like it as much as the MDUW yet) but the pads are definitely lackluster. Is there any option buried in the machine to fine tune sensitivity? It feels like I have to bang on my pads so hard to get them to trigger that it rattles my whole desk! Light taps don’t register at all.

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nope. but you can disable the velocity settings and try that.

or go external :sweat_smile:

Another weird thing that I’ve noticed is that the pads seem far more sensitive on every mode except the one that actually lets you play the pads! wtf?

Like if I press track + (pad) I barely have to touch the pad and it recognizes it, yet if I try to tap on the pad when laying down a beat it doesn’t register at all unless I hit it at a medium volume. Super weird.


RIGHT. That has always confused me. Performance mode responds wonderfully but finger drumming is schizo.

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Another thing I don’t like is that when you hold a pad it cut the recorded sounds…
Using Aftertouch to modulate sounds is really interesting, but risky in Live for above reason (you can trigger the sounds accidentally, and cut recorded stuff). Aftertouch requires a little velocity to start.
Not well implemented.

Hey guys. There has been a year since the last post. I was about to order the Rytm Mk2 when I stumble across this sensitivity “issue”.

Did Elektron solve it with an update?


I don’t know about other people but My mk2 pads have great sensitivity can dial in the velocity I want without pressing hard… maybe just mk1 issues ?

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₩hmm, intresting. When did you get your Rytm Mk2?

Mid last year… this thread was started in 2014…
test it in the shop if you can, but I’m happy with mine

Ok! Maybe someone knows the answer to my question.

It’s so weird, I live in Gothenburg where Elektron got it’s headquarters, though there is no shop around to sell the Elektron. Need to go outside the city to try it out. Silly world.

Well, thanks anyway!

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Maybe you can message Elektron and see if you can try it out in the reception at their offices?

It’s been a very very long wait, and so far as I’ve seen and heard there hasn’t been any attention paid to the pad sensitivity problem. It may possibly be true that the MK2 machines have better response, or just that some users are not looking for the higher sensitivity that we are so see no problem. Either way though, even today after owning the RYTHM for a number of years, breaking in and applying updates, it still takes far too much force to trigger the sounds with the pads and I still pray that there will be an update that actually fixes this issue. Though, it has been a long time, and surely my warranty has expired… so at this point I am even thinking of opening up the unit to see if I can fix it myself like I had to do with the MPD32’s pads, which would respond to a feather’s touch after the fix.

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How did you fix the MPD? I’m also looking for a solution for my MK1.

Inside the MPD there is (excessive) empty space between the pads and the actual sensors, which makes it so the pad must be hit harder and travel farther before triggering to sensor. So, filling that empty space makes it so that there is more direct and immediate contact from the pad to sensor, which makes it far more responsive. There are pad replacement kits and various inserts made to fix this, but I simply put layers of electrical tape on the backside of the pads to fill the space. Took 10 minutes and 10 cents worth of tape and saved me from selling the thing, and yeah, made it a thousand times more responsive and fun to use.

The RYTM has lights illuminating the pads though, so even if dead space is the issue it would likely be trickier to fix properly. Maybe some clear silicone?!?