Page copy for a scene

Hi folks :metal:
Is there a way to copy page from one track to another in some particular scene? Let’s say from track1 scene 9 to track 2 scene 9

Not sure if I understand your quuestion correctly. Scenes are saved in parts (each of the four parts has its own set of 16 scenes) and you can copy scenes if you hold the scene button a or b and press rec. The active scenes is copied. Select another scene and hold scene button + press stop to paste.

Thanks mate, but it’s not what I’ve asked
I want to copy page settings from one track to another within a certain scene

Ahy now I think I get it…You mean, you have e.g. amp hold locked on track 1 and want to paste to track 2 for that scene? No. Can’t do that.

page + copy / page + paste?

Yep, this is action I was looking for
Thanks for the answer (though it’s negative :slight_smile: )

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Yeah, it’s only possible to copy/paste all scene locks. You’ll have to do that manually.

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yes, it works, but not for a scene, only at default view page is copied. If you try do the same for, let’s say, scene 9, then it fails

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