Pan the Metronome?

I use the OT not only as a sampler/sequencer but also as the “mixer” for my rig. Right now I have the Main outs split L/R Bass/Synths and the Cue outputs send to a headphone amp for the other musicians to hear certain audio and the metronome click from the OT.
It would be great if I could dedicate just one side of the cue outs for this purpose which would free another output.
There doesn’t appear to be a pan control for the Metronome anywhere, so I was wondering if any of you magic magicians had any cool workarounds to suggest? It would need to be an ITOT solution as opposed to adding hardware of some sort. Thanks in advance…

The only thing that comes to mind is to dedicate a track to outputting a click.

Easily achieved but an expensive trick![/quote]
Yes this idea came to me as well. Not out of the question on every song but on some songs I use all the tracks. I suppose I could bounce tracks down in some cases, but I’d rather not.

Maybe you could use the headphones output, it can mirror the main or the cue outputs.

The metronome can be sent to either of those, but won’t isolate the click from the rest. Not sure it helped but i tried !

I had the Same issue when playing live in a band, OT for backing tracks.
I used 1 Track, with pan on the cue outs.
Works, but

  1. You Loose 1 Track in every song you play
  2. you can use the cue out only in mono - the other one.

So if you find a workaround, please let us know here.