Parallel compression and the iConnectAudio4


I buy this iConnect audio4 for multiple purposes, works well with my Octatrack centric-rig. 4 audio inputs, i’m thinking if there’s a way to do parallel compression, where the cue out or headphone output from OT go into input 3/4 on my audio4 into iOS DAW with RackRider3 (decent iOS compressor) squish the shit out of parallel signal and then mix into master for DAW output which then goes out audio4 semi “mastered” for a live situation beef it up signal without buying elektron HEAT, LoL

Two questions for big brain experts…

Should i just use headphones out if i want to mirror main mix with efx, because i will be using master filter and delay in a “live” context? So the use of parallel compression would need to be mirror of main signal?

What chain would you all set up for simple iOS DAW “master” for “live” scenario? i use OT master efx are filter/delay. i go into Zenbeats dual channel, saturation, then parallel compression on one of channel, then to master output. on master eq/filter then compression and done? or what would you do?

Not entirely clear on the exact audio routing you are suggesting. One thing I can say is that if you are suggesting routing one signal through iOS processing, and not routing another identical signal through iOS, the iOS-processed signal is going to be delayed relative to the dry signal. This will result in a mess, unless maybe you monitor through a DAW and can delay the dry signal to line up with the processed signal.

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thanks for feedback!

no, all channels go thru DAW for processing. main 1/2 go thru to master unmolested, 3/4 go thru rackrider3 with HEAVY compression, then use channel fader to determine how much of compressed signal you add to mix, this is how i was explained to do parallel compression, i think Benn Jordan video explain to me?

then when you mix compressed signal with uncompressed to master bus. on master bus EQ and/or compress/limit done?

from iPad i can send 1/2 out to main/house and use 3/4 as monitor signal control from ipad, or use headphone mix for monitor, pretty slick…