Parameter lock change relative to the parameter knob value

Anybody who used the NI Maschine or Ableton Push knows what I’m talking about: when you record an automation there, the parameter changes it’s value relative to the current position of the knob (rotary encoder). So you still have this flexibility:
if you twist the knob up or down, the automation still continues to follow, but raised or lowered accordingly to your change of the knob.
let’s say we have cutoff filter knob value at 50 out of 100.
We add automation (parameter locks) like this to some steps: 50 - 60 - 40 - 30 - 50. Later if I twist the filtr cutoff knob down to 20, instead of absolutely locking to those values, my automation will be performed in same fashion, but on lower values of cutoff: 20 - 30 - 10 - 0 - 20.

Anyone knows how to achieve this on Elektron? And if it’s impossible, can we request this feature in the update? It would add up so much to flexibility of live performance!!!

If you are ok to sacrifice one LFO for this I think you could use a square waveform with MOD set to HLF (so only the “high” half of the square cycle is run). SPD and MUL don’t matter, set DEST to the param the value of which you want to plock and set DEP to 0. Then plock depth as you see fit. This should change the value by the DEP amount relative to the “base” value - whichever it is at that point.

I must confess I have tried this only with CV outputs - but I guess it should work :slight_smile:


Nice workaround but i guess that only works for 1 predetermined param. Maybe enough in most use cases.

Big plus 1 for this feature though. It’s very annoying creating a bunch of complex p locked patterns only to not be able to play with the filter/adjust the volume of them all together.

A simple relative on/off per track would be fantastic.

Depends on machines. Lfos works for all I guess.

With OT, crossfader / scenes, A4 bipolar macros, AR scenes, (MD CTR8P?)…

+1 for relative plock mode!

Really a shame you cant sweep a filter/filter-env after setting an plocked pattern.

You can get around to some extent by plocking filter and then messing with filter-env or decay but still it would be nice and also for other values where that is not so possible. eg harmonics on digitone.

Definitely possible as said above with lfos, OT scenes, A4 macros, AR perf, Digis modulations like modwheel, aftertouch, etc…

Btw you can plock an lfo, and modulate the knob. Can be used as a TB303 Accent…

Actual behaviour allows you to modulate default steps, which can be interesting too.