Pattern chaining

'nuff said - love it!

but question. I create a few patterns, chain them together. Now I want to make new patterns, but the current pattern in the chain gets overwritten with my newly created pattern. So I have to go back and reinsert the old one.

Curious if there’s a way for the new pattern to be automatically inserted into the chain?

Not really yet sticked with Chains and Song mode…but i think you just need to create a new Chain going into Song edit.

Or just create a new Chain by FUNCT+CHAIN.

Because working on Chains is already like working into Song.
The Chain labeled _ _: means Scratch Row…the one that will be edited continuosly until you switch to another row.

Just go also for a double check on the manual pag.32

you can hold down the chain button, then use the arrow keys to move the chain cursor.
it changes between brackets like this: [A01]A02 and a insertion marker like this: A01|A02

with the insertion marker, if you select a new pattern, it will be inserted instead of replacing…