Pattern linked to a kit question

Maybe someone can help me with this:
I bought the AK beginning this year and I love it! The sound and workflow is really good!
There is something which I cannot get my head around though…
Every created pattern is linked to a track sound. The manual says clearly: “Each pattern is linked to a kit.” and also: “A pattern contains: * Information about which kit is linked to the pattern.” The thing is, that when I am working on a certain kit, and I load in another one to work on, the active pattern changes the kit also… This is quite annoying because this way I always have to change this pattern again back into the kit I want… I know the AK autosaves everything, but is there a way to “lock” the pattern so it wont change its kit all the time?

in the A4, there is an option saying Reload on Change … that may help … sorry, i am not that advanced yet :wink: