Pattern Scale Issues Analog Rytm

Hey Elektronauts

I have a problem with the scale of the pattern. If increase or decrease the length of the patters (for example from 1 to 4) the AR is running out of the clock.
My AR is a slave which receives the clock from a A4. The A4 as a Master did not change the clock when I change the scales…

Scale pattern mode is normal. Often I start with 16/16 1x

Am I missing something. I took a look in the manual and looked here in the forum. the setup has no options for this… or?

But it isn´t working. When I do remember I never had issues with the A4 as a slave with same settings.


If anyone is interested in… the answer from the elektron support.

You are not doing anything wrong. This is a known issue and it also exists on the Analog Four but is not always present. Our developers are working on it and it will be solved in the near future but I can not promise exactly when.

thats a VERY interesting post ! thanks for that ! … I am sorry to hear you are suffering from that… hope there will be a bugfix soon