Patterning 2

I’ve had patterning 2 since summer but haven’t got around to using it. What do i need to be able to sequence Rytm with it? What i have is usb hub, usb midi hub, standard lightning<>usb cable and lightning<>usb adapter :sweat_smile:

I know there was an issue with USB midi with the A4- I’m not certain if that issue carried over to the AR.

The iConnect Midi 1 would certainly do it, though.

Edit: make sure that your USB is set to USB midi before buying anything new, though

so i need a lightning usb-midi interface to get midi i/o from ipad to rytm, correct?

That’s generally best practice(I presume you’re meaning the adapter that has the lightening connection in addition to the usb) though, mostly that’s for ensuring that there’s sufficient power for your midi devices. Since power is not an issue for RYTM midi- I’m not sure if that’s important in this instance.

they have their own power :slight_smile: i was hoping to be able to sequence with direct connections in some kind configuration with what i’ve got, but if i need yet another part to be able to sequence rytm even though i already got stuff to make the physical connection with ipad, i think i’ll leave that thought :smile:

Yeah- if you’re able to successfully connect your iPad thru USB to your RYTM it shouldn’t be a problem.

Just make sure in your settings that you have USB set to USB midi instead of Overbridge

i’ll try it out. thank you

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