Pedals pedals pedals

I’m thinking about a new pedal/effect for my synths, for a little “palette expansion”.
I like stereo pedals so I have the option

Currently have-
Analog Heat (I know, not a pedal)
Wampler Terraform

I feel like I kind of have the bread and butter covered. I think I’d like something “different” I can get wacky with, but still has a high audio quality

I was looking at Zoia and Poly effects stuff, but I kind of don’t want to spend time programming effects, I just want to turn knobs.

What’s cool? What should I have?
I’m thinking $400-ish or lower

I grabbed a microcosm for the same reasons: it’s weird and knobby and sounds great. Pricey though at $450 and I don’t have it yet so can’t give you a review. Plenty of vids out there though. How’s the wampler for a mod pedal? Can it do woozy or lofi?


Cool I’ll check it out

The Wampler is pretty much bread and butter mod, it doesn’t get too wacky, but it sounds excellent.
I use it a lot for guitar, I haven’t used it a ton on synths. Most my synths have chorus and mod covered

Red Panda Particle is super fun. Mk2 is stereo.

…gaswarning…pedals pedals pedals…equals…modular modular modular modules…

another pandoras box just from another sonic island…just sayin’… :wink:

last time i was wacky, i had to pull myself back from microcosm and meris stuff…
truu bypass remains always a must…


I’ve never gotten the modular bug, fortunately, for my wallet.

If I’m using pedals on synths, they’re normally “on”, so I don’t worry about TB.
On my pedalboard, I use loops, so it isn’t really an issue for me. One less thing to worry about, I just want cool stuff.

Folktek Alter X and/or Y maybe?


Those look dope

Too bad I’m so impatient, I want something now, lol

I’m sure I’ll have GAS again when they’re in normal production…

I preordered Alter Y at the early-bird $279 price. Was tempted to get Alter X too but figured I’d better stop there, heh

There are some good recommendations in this thread.


Anyone any experience with the strymon Dig VS el capistan delay pedal when using it in a dj setup