Per track sequencer playback direction

i searched the forums and didnt find much conclusive discussion so figured i would start a thread…

personally i think it would be great if we could add playback modes for the sequencer on all machines to give us per track sequencer playback direction selectable between FWD/REV/RANDOM and PING PONG.

it could get pretty wild with being able to p-lock conditional trigs and playback modes :woozy_face:



This idea has been in a few feature request threads. Would be great for experimenting.

yeah have seen the DT/DN requests but could easily apply to most other machines
i would be pretty happy with just the 4 modes but i am sure there might be other options

Aye. A Euclidean mode would be cool. Or even a few random trig modes - I.e. choose an option and the trigs are moved around slightly, with a percentage setting for how far they move in rhythm and pitch from current settings, with a scale quantiser to stay in key.


Yea, a common feature request and I think at this point, the Elektron sequencers are pretty unified so a request for one box is generally a request for all. I’d love it on OT, if they can even squeeze any more functionality in.

I’ve been using this feature on my Pro 2 quite a bit.
What I’ll do is focus on a musical scale. Hammer out some notes in the 32 step sequencer. Go back and add some rests and change some step lengths. Then I’ll engage the ping pong direction, and adjust the sequence more, as this results in a 64 step sequence!
This gets real fun with more odd sequence lengths (example). 18 steps to make a 5/4 phrase via ping pong is one of my favorites. among others.

Another thing I’ll do is set to the direction on the same sequence to random, and send MIDI notes from it to my DAW for a few minutes. From here I’ll find a few good phrases that I can riff on, or loop, making what was a random playback sound more cohesive and intentional. Divide this sequence’s tempo in half for an accompaniment sound, like a pad. Suddenly you have a very interesting, compelling melody with accompaniment, that took little effort. All it took was ping-pong and random playback modes on a sequencer.

Side note, the Typhon from Dreadbox has made things like Sequence Length, Sequence Probability, Sequence Division – all separate MIDI CC#s. For now we can sequence those externally to get some wild results. But I dunno, maybe some day we’ll be able to use the internal mod sequencers with these parameters as destinations, and if so, that would be really wild.

So yea, letting those kinds of things react to MIDI control would be huge for Elektron as well.


…not so sure about all actual ones…otherwise it would be already part of the common skillset since quite a while, i guess…

but for the next generation from sweden this seems almost a MUST HAVE option to stay further ahead of the game…besides the fact that the most nerdish but also common hardware sequencer for all modular heads out there, the circlon, can do it since the day it’s born…
but on the other hand, this thing has way not that much to carry along in realtime as the elektron boxes…

and if i think about it…straight logic in setting up code, theoreticly, this option would be part of the sequencers basic core…might call for drastic rewriting basic setup…nothing u could easily drop on the basic functions later on…again, otherwise we would see it already happening…

Yeah, it’s much easier to design it already this way than retrofit such a feature without any negative side effects into an already existing full-featured sequencer (keeping it fully backwards compatible with old patterns).

…RETROFIT…like it… :wink:

Is it? I rarely see it used with modulars…

Yeah some hardware sequencers and most modular sequencers are showing up Elektron sequencers in this way. I hope they ante up soon (just a bit…still great sequencers…trig conditions, plocks, polymetric).

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I would love some more playback modes but honestly can’t complain. Feel like I’d pay a lot for just the sequencer on it’s own, let alone the fact that it’s just something included on already amazing instruments.

I don’t have anything meaningful to add to the discussion other than that I would also love, love, love there to be the addition of a track direction parameter. That said, I started wondering about how you would fit it into the UI. There is space on the Trig page which you would imagine would be an achievable place to put it but I don’t know if that’s a slightly counter-intuitive as that page is for Trigs not the Track. But then, you could go with the Track Scale pop-up but then you’d need to redesign that so it could fit.

One other thought, if track direction was on the Trig page then you could, in theory, plock it. I’d need to think through whether that would rip a hole in space and time…

I ended up doing that… sort of. I got a Toraiz Squid which I’ve been using with my silver boxes in preference to their own sequencers. Couldn’t recommend that enough.