Perfect techno moment

Just watched the dragon launch, while jamming with machinedrum and td3. totally coincidental that these two things happened at the same time.

nice acid riff going through reverb and delay with super basic 4 on the floor.
everything came together and just sounded epic with the count down and the launch and visuals.
I guess you had to be there, it was probably rubbish, but I have never felt such a connection with what I’m seeing and what I’m hearing.

Anyone else had such moments where sound and visuals just matched without planning it?


I was making one of my usual bangers a few weeks ago when I happened to look out the window into the garden and saw one of my dogs snapping one off.

Symbiosis level :100:


way to ruin the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

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Technically not sure if this counts, as I was hallucinating.

Anyway it was the first time I heard this track back in 93 (courtesy of Colin Dale’s Outer Limits, Kiss Fm)


I experienced a vision of the creation of a planet and its inhabitants. Evolution, Life and death, culture, societies rise and fall. It was incredible. I literally felt like I’d live and watched the entire lifecycle of this world.


sounds like it was profound. definitely counts.

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Absolutely it was profound. The track and vision has influenced me in everything I do musically. It’s a world I try to return to.

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In high school, some of my best friends and myself were listening to Aphex Twin’s Saw 85-92 to round out a night of tripping on shrooms. As we were coming down, we decided to go on my friend’s roof at the house we were at. As the sun starts to rise, “Ageispolis” is coming to an end and here comes “I” Perhaps one of the most mellow and reflective minute and a half moments of my entire life. Watching the sun peer over the hills and start to fill the sky with red and orange colors. I’ll never forget it.


Just at a show, as a spectator. May 26, 2002.
I had just finished talking a good friend of mine into coming back into the big room with quad sound. He’d been dancing for 6 hours straight and needed a break as it was quite intense for him.
Took me a good 20 minutes to hype him up, then we walk into the room during a breakdown, find our way to our friends and BAM: pyrotechnics.

Was a special night for a large group of my friends, and I worked at a print shop at the time. So when Richie put this thanks up as a splash graphic on the m_nus site a few days later, I made some desktop foam core mounted prints to give to my friends.


I think that image encapsulates my 20s in a single frame. Just looking at that makes me put my hands in the air.

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Moved into a new much larger space for my gear with carpeting and now when I get really into it my cat starts to chase her own tail and really go nuts… I think she just gets into seeing me groove out and finally has a space to let out energy while I play. I probably should try to get some video… cats flipping out kinda goes with techno. Probably not the perfect techno moment but its pretty dang fun.


cat nip is good right

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Those were special times, every techno record coming out seemed to propel you into outer space. Putting stuff out on eevolute back then was like a dream come true!

And thanks :slight_smile:


They even offer a iss docking simulator
Very meditative, together with the livestream now that not much happens. Comes with a bit a bug on mobile, hope they dont have it in their spaceship, control looks the same…

That Elon wants to put a computer in our heads is not so nice on the other hand…

Working on an industrial techno rhythm when all of a sudden things click together like magic and this massive machinic growl and thump emerges. Turns out the laundry washing machine in the next room was kicking into high gear.


Artist: dtr
Track: Spin Cycle
Album: Soiled Fibers


Sometimes I like to have a microphone outside of my window going to my mixer with some delay or chorus and the like. The passing cars in the distance, the rain or the wind make for some nice noise swells and stuff like that.

I guess it could work with a washing machine too haha.

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Love that idea!

As usual, Autechre got there first…


Jamie Lidell also did a “nitty gritty” on his podcast, a couple years ago, where he records the output of a bluetooth speaker from inside a washing machine. For, ya know, sound design.