Performance page setup

Hey naughts

I got an OT and an A4 at the same time and thought I would be better learning one at a time. Well I’ve kinda got the OT under control - I pretty much know my around it but I couldn’t NOT play with the A4 so after a month of not touching it I begun my journey on the weekend.

Now I downloaded the latest OS and it came with some presets which I’ve been flicking through. Now I noticed that the performance page was really cool and useful but I’m not sure if it’s something I’ve done but when I bring up patches the performance page is blank?
Now I’m assuming you set up your own parameters when creating your own patches but at the moment I’m just using other peoples while I get my head around it.
I was about to just reformat and reload the OS and start again but it must be something I’ve done so I’d like to know what is so I don’t do it again - any help?

Anyone ?

Performances Macros settings are saved on a per kit basis. If you loaded a new kit, you loaded new performances. Create your macros and save them within the kit. Doing it on a per patch level is kind of a waste of a performance knob in general. Use them to effect multiple things across the board.

Thank you for the info. I’m actually finding the a4 more difficult than the OT - I’ve really gelled with that machine but I have it time and like I’m trying now with the a4 - enjoy the sometimes frustrating learning curve.
I know this is a bit of an unanswerable but is there any guide on how to go through all the preferences and set the most appropriate? I’ll try and put it another way - there’s so many little menus and sub menus have you found it best to have like a template type kit and work from that always?

Sure. I’ve tried that. Everything I do with my elektrons is improvisational so it’s hard to do any setting up of stuff like this in real time. Try something like a knob for filter sweeps, a knob for pitch, a knob for LFO depths, reverb, delay, and chorus sends, etc. these are all typical things you might want at a fast glance until you get into more detailed and interesting kits.