Performing standing up

In about a month I will be performing with the octatrack for the first time at my friend’s birthday show. What kind of table or stand do you guys use for your boxes while standing? Back in the day I used to use a keyboard stand with a long keyboard case on top of it but I don’t have that option now.

An ironing board.

At least that’s what I use at home right now :smirk: Probably wouldn’t trust in a live context. Why is your old way not an option? A keyboard stand with a piece of wood or something could do the trick


One word.



Jealous! Have fun man. Just make sure it’s not too low or you’re gonna do your back no favors


drummer here. i prefer sitting.

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I use a old guitar exf case and a keyboard stand. The case holds an octa, DN and an oto boum. Nit a costum solution but works ok and doesn’t fuck up my back since I can adjust the hight

When I played live with Octatrack, I used a keyboard stand with a wood shelf I that I bought from Home Depot. I put a small tablecloth, that I bought at a thrift shop, on top of the shelf.

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LOL used this a lot too, also at gigs by the way. Maybe not so robust, but for a not so heavy setup should be no problem.

Lying down on and elevated rotating platform. With gear mounted to a cage that puts it at arms length above me.


A drumpad stand is also a nice compact setup. Mount a small wooden shelf on it and off you go…


Another former ironing board user here. Haha. Back in high school I used one as a stand for my Roland D50. It was just the best thing I could find in my little town. Spray painted it black if I remember correctly.

here i thought you guys had some fancy pretty stuff from ikea or something

i guess i’ll use a keyboard stand and a guitar case…which is a lot of real estate for just an octatrack. but i’m debating having an iPad on stage also so yeah. actually i can be in charge of our mixer and maybe have some headphones too.

(Stolen from someone here). :smiley:


That’s the one

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Keyboard stand is perfect for Octatrack. But best experience to do it that way :love_you_gesture::


just go aphex style


Awesome set

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You could also get a sturdy laptop stand.

Just make sure you not hunched over the table for an hour. Lift everything up to a healthy height. Your back will thank you.
I remember using the turntables polycarb covers to lift things up.


Lol, yesterday I thought about if I could perform with an Octa-tar, then someone actually posts pictures of him with an Octa-tar :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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