Pet Peeves: music related

this crosses my mind often and decided to finally make it a topic.

whats your personal pet peeve regarding music?

whether it be shipping gear, production, hardware/software…basically anything revolving around music.

i’m sure there’s plenty out there but i’ll start it off with my own.

-when someone is selling gear and they place the item upside down.

i just cant stand it.

common sense will tell you encoders/knobs are not meant to withstand/hold that much weight.
even more so with vintage gear…you know how heavy they can be.
i’ve found some really great deals before and passed them because of this.

anyways, whats your personal peeves?

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Filthy gear in filthy environments.

This one about had me vomiting:


I’m afraid that is quite an anti-antipodean attitude for you to have there.


the classic returns! dirty, skokie tr-6s!


Talk about a stuffed crust!

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for me it is currently organelle’s with the picture cropped such that I can’t tell if it is an organelle m or not. Also Novation x-stations that do not list the number of keys and have all the pictures cropped to just show the control section.


smokers delight

well if its incense, you’ll have a forever smelling “meadow springs” room.


kick and snare played together (on an acoustic kit), hands down the worst


Rather than Pet Peeves (too whingey for me) here’s something I love-

The little clip thingy on the back of some gear (my TR8-S has it) so that the power cable cannot be pulled out accidentally. Absolutely brilliant for a gigs.

I wish more gear had it. (Cough Elektron! Cough…)


maybe start a “heres something i love topic” ?

great feature request btw. :+1: (i think there might be a topic for that)

i’m not being sarcastic either…my uad apollo has something similar, except its a twister lock.

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‘oops I moved my hand somewhere near the synth, guess I’d better buy another adapter’


I’ve said it elsewhere on these forums: bad software from synth designers. If you can’t handle it, don’t do it. A bug-less SH-101 or tb-303 is better than a Waldorf quantum or pro 3 riddled with issues.

An offshoot of the first: crap MIDI sync. How in the world can this still be an issue???

And a more specific one: VCA velocity voice stealing. If you’re not going to implement slew, don’t implement VCA velocity as a feature, because it creates the most hideous voice stealing clicks.

Bottom line: when synth designers shoot themselves in the foot.


Terrible, terrible (or nonexistent) Windows drivers from Japanese manufacturers (looking at you, Korg)…
Is it really, really strange for musicians not to use Apple in Japan?


Anything that only has midi over usb can take a flying fuck at a rolling donut.


Effects units with MIDI sockets but no clock sync.


Something that really bugs me is when a perfectly nice item is ruined by the use of an ugly font, particularly Brush Script which cheapens everything it lands on and for some reason seems to magnetically attract the graphically challenged.

If anything has brush script on it I’m not buying it, no matter how good it might appear in all other aspects, Brush Script kills it. I regard it as a warning that there is something inherently amiss with the item itself or the people who put it together. There are thousands of nice fonts out there and there is no excuse for using ugly ones. Here is Behringer’s Blue Meanie Arp 2600 clone. They’ve totally ruined the appearance of it. I couldn’t live with that… it would piss me off every time I looked at it. Come on, Behringer, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you have to make it look cheap.


ah yeah. Related but a whinge: wallwart-powered with a fat Balun close enough to the power plug to catch on stands, table edges etc. & pull out at a bad angle - eventually busting the power jack

edit: yeah sry it’s a choke. Not a balun or even an unun.

  • Ratchets that don’t fit or timed poorly
  • people calling music ‘glitch/idm’ because they used ratchets, that totally is not even CLOSE to glitch/idm.
  • carefully decorated YouTube music/gear vids.
  • ‘first jam’, ‘first go’ vids. And doubly so, when there are no follow ups.



First thing that comes to mind is the use of empty buzz words in reviews, for example. Got a handful I really don’t like.

For example, deep can mean anything so it really means nothing.

My current favourite though: calling your musical instrument (or part of it) musical. That’s pretty wild, I’d say.

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i know someones probably going to say this eventually, but if not…and since youtube was just mentioned…when youtube “jammers” just can’t resist placing some fake plants in their videos.

actually they kind of evolved now…i think random quirky toys are trending.