Pick up machine tempo issues

Hi there,
I am in trouble with my OT, since yesterday. Any help would be fully appreciated !

I would like to add some flute to a project which already has flex and thru machines. I would like to use a pick up machine to be able to add several voices of flute.

The problem is, every time i record with the pick up machine, the tempo is after the first recording set to 84 bpm, instead of 126.

Any idea ? thank you !

Pickup machines will dictate the tempo of the project. It’s safer to use a flex buffer to record your Audio if the Octatrack is your master clock source. Obviously this comes with its own limitations in that you can’t overdub with flex machines.

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1.5 ratio. I guess you used QREC and QPLAY but recorded 3 bars or something? You have to record power of 2 lengths : 1,2,4,8…otherwise the tempo is wrong.

I’d try a defined RLEN like 16/32/64…

You can overdub with FLEX. :wink:


Thank you for answering ! Yes my sequence has a lenght of 48 steps, due to the fact that i tried to do a 3/4 track.
I just discovered that my sequence was in 1/2x so i changed for 1x, and now it works when i apply a rlen of 48.
Problem solved thank you again sezare56 made my day !