Pickup recording length question

Trying to get the pickup to record unusual step lengths- I switched to Max in recording length and One2 in recording mode. No matter when I actually mark the machine to loop or replace, it locks to a nice round number of steps- 2,4,8,16,32 etc.
is there something really basic I’m missing?
Worth mentioning- when I actually set the loop length to an odd number of steps there’s no problem, only when I’m trying to set it to Max and punching the loop end live.

Any thoughts on how to solve this?
Thanks :slight_smile:


It works for me.

Check to make sure that you’re starting from scratch: if the sequencer isn’t running and no other pickup machines (including the one you’re using) are running, the length should be the exact length you make it by starting and stopping the loop machine using play/stop. So make sure the sequencer is stopped and no machines are running when you try to make your first loop.

I think there are a few situations where internal calculations presume too much … having out of phase PUM loops would be nice, but depending on your workflow you may find the master/slave relationship being too restrictive (like you described, i.e. half/double etc)
it’s a shame that the PUM audio is always ‘elastic’ imho

Hi there fellow OT users.

It seems like we are cracking the national treasure together, sometimes worse than Davinci’s code.

Anyway I have found solutions to that specific problem. As I have wanted to use OT for asynchronous looping myself.

I happened to read this thread and it helped me:

Anyway I have right now only solutions for Flex machine as I haven’t figured it out with Pickup machines (I suspect, because you cannot turn off the time-stretching on PU machines):

  1. Set Flex recording length to max
  2. Place recording trigger, un-arm it. But no place any play triggers.
  3. Turn off timestretching
  4. I turned off all quantization settings aswell
  5. I used hold-type trig settings
  6. Start the sequencer
  7. Use recording trigger to start recording. In my case manually stopped the recording to create loops with different lengths.
  8. Manually start the recorded sample (Track+play)

    Make sure that your master length is inf, if you plan to play with longer samples.
    You can change the available recording length for flex tracks in the mem. config menu.

Like this I managed to maintain tempo, therefore using other tracks and machines is possible. And most importantly I managed to capture and play loops with different lengths so phasing would occur, which is nice while building up textural-landscapes.

Happy noodling

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You can play the recording just after its end, and overdub…

Why do people not like Pickup Machines?