Pictures or video's of Elektron machines teardown?

These are really hard to find, so far i only found the Analog Four mk1
Analog Four teardown pictures

Wait, here a very informative topic on the A4 teardown.

Also i am very interested between the differences of the A4/AR mk1 versus mk2?
Maybe there are some hidden secrets :alien:

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Here we can also see the Digitakt.
Teardown Digitakt

The DSP is a Coldfire MCF54415CMJ250 like in the Analog Four.

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What is it that makes the digitakt so heavy? Looks pretty sparse in there.
Maybe it’s just all metal box lol

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Yes its just the metal box.

This is making me think – Is all that space inside really needed? Is it nessicary to prevent overheating, or can I mod my Digi to be supper thin, light and portable by putting it in a different casing?


Nahh, you should take it apart and rearrange it inside of an Altoids tin.


The back plate probably impacts quite a lot , the depth needed for midi sockets etc.

But feel free to hack / saw your own box . Stay away from mine , it’s fine how it is.

I read a while ago how a very popular brand of terrible sounding headphones added weight to give the impression of build quality , maybe weight BEATS quality for some people ?


good luck with that!

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Or maybe all that extra space will soon be filled with an official Elektron battery? :thinking:

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My MD UW MKII +Drive



What does Doceousaliexpilis… mean?


Reference to Mary Poppins’ Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?


The same as thing as spottieottiedopaliscious


I have no idea but I like it… :rofl:


I get my DT in about two weeks. Will have a closwr look at this, fancy about a device kike the DT be portable as a novation circuit.

Thing that gets me thinking is the PSUs. Would like to only have one inlet, so use the current one. The internal PSU accepts like up to 14V, better 12V DC, the battery needs a special LiPo/LiIon charger with typically 16.8V. So to use only one PSU with 12V, one has to build the LiPo charger in the DT and buckle up the 12V to 16.8V. All possible, but it needs a lot of the space that I could otherwise have used for the battery itself.

Anyone with ideas to this or does anyone know a lipp with 12V input?

There’s a thread with lots of info about just that : Digitakt modified with internal battery

Yes, if you want real standard sockets.

I just hate when brands release gear with mini-jack midi or 3.5 audio jacks…

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3.5mm should be the standard for MIDI IMO

Edit: Corrected from 35mm, lol


35mm should be the standard for beard IMO. :wink:

Well I tend to think DIN are more reliable, never had a cable problem with my 20 years old cables, but I guess 3.5mm may become the new standard, being used for small/flat gear, problably more practical for modular things…
I’m getting old…so is DIN!



Imagine 35mm plugs :wink:

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